UPDATE of final project

This week i tried to spend more time on the solution  (the social justice part) rather than the porblem.

Here it is –>
Traditional theory has assumed intellectual ability to be stable throughout the lifespan and that IQ scores taken at one point in time can be used to predict educational achievement and occupational matches in adulthood. The new study, published in the journal Nature, shows for the first time that IQ is not constant.


Some subjects performed markedly better but some performed considerably worse. We found a clear correlation between this change in performance and changes in the structure of their brains and so can say with some certainty that these changes in IQ are real.”



Grow you IQ by stimulating it each day.  Refraim from watching TV.

http://ririanproject.com/2007/10/10/get-smart-how-to-boost-your-iq-by-10-points/ – a whole list of good ones!


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