presentation update – your IQ is not static, this will change America


Sternberg, R. J. S. (2003). Why smart people can be so stupid. (pp. 1-272). New Haven,
CT, USA: Yale University Press.Retrieved from

Zack, J. (2011, October 18). Mind over gray matter. San Francisco Chronicle, pp. E1, E2.
(Zack, 2011)

INTRO: How would you feel if you IQ was something that was always in motion? Something that can be molded by experiences? According to Dr. Carol Dweck, this is all very true. Dweck says intelligence is not a static state, but is molded, especially through a person’s adolescence. The theory states that if you praise a child on hard work, they will more interested in learning goals and be happier completing each task. While if you praise a child for being smart, they will take pride in their intelligence as an unchanging, fixed trait and will be more interested in performance goals, rather than learning outcomes. Dweck also says, it not about being a born leader, but how those successful people are instead just very hardworking. So this all applies to social justice because of the implications of this theory. Once we change children’s mindsets that it’s not about being smart, but becoming smart

My Intelligence is not born, it’s made! – Carol Dweck (Stanford Psychology
Professor). “Mindset: the new psychology of success” It’s not about being a born leader, but those successful people like a born leader are actually very very hardworking.
Intelligence is not a static state

1. I need to research how this will change America
2. I need to research Asian cultures view of hard work and IQ


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