Blade Runner Revisited critical essay

Fracios Vautier pulled over 160,000 frames from the cult classic, Blade Runner to create Blade Runner Revisited. He then placed a virtual camera above a big picture, which gave his audience the allusion of an animated film. In reality, this way of creating a short film is time consuming, but not very technologically advanced. In contrast, Blade Runner worked with top tier special effects, which is proven by the movement and life-like quality of the alien beast.

Blade Runner is to technology as Blade Runner Revisited is to Blade Runner. Blade Runner tries to covey the future, and uses what is has to create a futuristic society. Blade Runner Revisited is a lesser technologically advanced film to its predecessor Blade Runner. It tries to mimic the future, but with less sophisticated technologies. But similarly, both try to create a world unlike the one they are living in today.


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