“Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past” critical essay

The symbol of the eye has deep-seated historical denotative meanings. The two bright eyes in “Boonmee who can recall his past lives” metaphorically evaluates Uncle Boonmee’s son’s, urge to find the truth about the beast in the forest and the backlash he suffered. The sun showing through the trees in the parallel cut to the nature scene symbolizes God’s all knowing, omnipotent eye looking over the son. Through multiple cuts to the nature scene, it shows that God is looking over all of the son’s actions in the woods. By the end of the film, the son emerges with demon-red eyes and a black hairy body after he mated with the black beast. His demon eyes represent God’s backlash towards the son after he played with genetics and mated with the beast. He meddled in something that God didn’t approve of. Consequently, he suffered a bitter backlash proven by his demon-like eyes.

The two eyes depicted in the the film, highlight the stark difference between good and bad, similar to the red eyes in Blade Runner. The government’s mistake, a large group of life-like robots turned bad are “retired” or destroyed by police special operatives in this cult classic. All the robots share the same red-demon like eyes and a gruesome death. This is another example of God punishing men who meddle in genetics.

The “eyes” that are seen throughout the film clip are a metaphors for God watching over the son and acting accordingly.

the eyes




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