“Rebirth of a Nation” – DJ Spooky. 2007. remix of “The Birth of a Nation”

“Rebirth of a Nation” is a remix of an earlier film called “The Birth of a Nation”. Overall, the movie is about the KKK coming to save the “innocent” white folks from the “crazy” black mob. But DJ Spooky does not follow normal feature film pace, like its predecessor. Instead, the film is a montage, set with modern beats. DJ Spooky used parrallel cutting. He would show a larger scene of war and then a quick cut to a close up of an emotional scene.

The movie opens with olden-day film, with either red or black tinting. The edge of the screen shows scrolls that frame the film. White hooded KKK members gallop on horses. Then it will quickly cut to a mob of angry black men shouting. Next, it showed a scarred white young girl. She had a terrified look on her face. A voice narrates the scene by saying “there are many sides of a story”. Suddenly, the music shifts and the KKK gallop to fight the black angry mob. There are quick cuts to relieved and happy whites. Text boxes read short quotes. Circles, squares and triangles center around certain characters in many of the shots, each with different colors. The music changes again. This time it is a much slower classical piece. Next, there are multiple shots of white women and men rejoicing that the KKK has defeated the black mob. After, the film makes a major leap to recent clips that the media has captured of film. The narrator talks about the problems with mass media. Finally the director leaves you with the quote, “What is the Truth?”


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